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Using AI To Make A Rap Song

AI Rap song artist

Yes it is possible! And I’m not talking about using ChatGPT to whip up some lyrics. I’m talking about making a full on AI generated rap FROM SCRATCH, including lyrics and voice, while syncing everything together nicely with a beat.

No music production experience needed. No audio editing. All it takes are a couple of clicks (literally) and you’ll be at the top of the Spotify charts in no time!

Ok, admittedly, that might be pushing it a little bit. But the end-result will blow you away nonetheless. And the best part is that you only need a single tool to do it all.

Trust me, you’re going to have a TON of fun with this one.

How to make an AI rap song?

You are probably curious what this might sound like. Because let’s be honest… Creating anything with AI can go two ways: either it’s a complete miss. Or an absolute hit.

So why don’t you be the judge of that… Not only did I make a full YouTube tutorial on how to do this, at the very beginning of the video there’s a great example of what you can expect.

The rap you hear in the first 38 seconds of the video is entirely AI generated!

Check it out:

Not a video type of guy/gal? No worries! Everything is laid out for you in this blog post as well.

Let’s start with a little introduction of the tool we’ll be using for this.

Create an AI generated rap using Uberduck

The tool / website we will be using: UberDuck

If the name of the website didn’t convince you yet, let’s take a look at what it can do.

  • Create an entire rap song from scratch.
  • Create an entire studio recorded song from scratch (yes, you can even use Studio voices)
  • Voice cloning
  • Text-to-speech (choose from a selection of thousands of voices, including Drake, Joe Biden as well as the entire cast from Breaking Bad)
  • Voice to voice

I’m not going to go too in-depth about all the products that UberDuck has to offer. But I’ll just say this: the text to speech wasn’t really too convincing for me. The voices are ok. As in: you can definitely recognize them. But at the same time, you can also tell it’s not a real voice.

Text-to-speech AI UberDuck

Granted, this technology is still “not quite there yet”. I can only imagine how fast this will improve though. As with everything artificial intelligence.


The rap and studio voices are on a totally different level. I guess they just have way more data for these.

So let’s focus on those for the rest of this blog. But first:

UberDuck pricing

UberDuck is completely free to try out. No strings attached. When you sign up you get a bunch of credits to play around with to test out the website to its full potential (with some exceptions, e.g. voice cloning).

When do I have to upgrade to a premium plan?

Whenever you want to download one of your creations, that’s when you’ll get prompted to upgrade your account. But even premium plans are not that expensive. For just a 10$ plan you’ll be able to render just about anything to your liking.

Making an AI generated Rap song in just 3 steps

Alright, are you ready to launch your rap career? You might as well prompt ChatGPT to brainstorm some artist names while you’re at it. Let’s get into it.

After you sign up for an account and navigate to the “AI-Generated Raps” section of the website. Let’s call that step 0. Now you’re 3 steps away from a fully AI generated Rap.

Make AI Generated Rap Song

Step 1: Choosing a beat for our AI rap song

We start by selecting a beat.

And we have some options to choose from, with different BPM’s, lengths and artists. The lengthier the song, the more text (lyrics) you will need (step 2).

AI rap beat

For those feeling frisky (read: for people with actual music experience, who are looking to create their own beat), you can go with just an acapella version as well.

Just listen to the previews and choose the beat that you like the most.

Click “Save and Continue

Step 2: AI Generated Rap Lyrics

After choosing a beat, it’s time for the best part. Creating the lyrics.

And we have two options here.

AI Generated Rap Lyrics

1 – Let the AI generate Rap Lyrics for us

Describe to the A.I. whatever it is that you want the rap to be about. The AI will then generate the lyrics for us. This will take about 30 seconds. You can still manually edit the text after.

You can also use ChatGPT for this. I like this option more just because it’s just way faster. The only thing you need is a good prompt. If you choose the beat “Downtown – Barré” for example, you will need 12 lines in total to finish the lyrics. A good prompt would be “Make me a rap song of exactly 12 lines about ….”

2 – Feeling more creative? Use custom lyrics!

You can, of course, make everything from scratch yourself. Click the “Use Custom Lyrics” button. UberDuck will tell you exactly how many lines you need for each of the verses.

I tend to use a combination of both AI, with some custom adjustments to the lyrics here and there. Just keep in mind that when you prompt something to the AI, try to be as specific as possible.

Some inspiration for your AI generated rap

I mean, literally anything is possible.

A friends birthday coming up? Make him a rap!
Just prompt the AI with some details about your friend. Here’s an example:

My friend is turning 30, his name is John, he likes to get wasted on Saturdays with his friends. He is a big fan of the Breaking Bad series. Just like Walter White, John has a meth-lab in his basement.

Ok perhaps don’t be too specific. But you get the idea.

There are so many use-cases. A personal, and recent, example is when I went on a trip with some friends. I had the AI generate me some lyrics based on some memorable experiences of that trip. I added all that together with some video & images from the trip et voilà. Best aftermovie ever. Took me about 20 minutes (with most of that time going to the video editing, haha).

Still struggling?

Just ask the AI for some ideas.

Again, it can be about literally ANYTHING. This stuff is extremely meme-able.

Step 3: AI Generated Rap Voice

Almost done. All that’s left is selecting a rap voice that fits our song.

Again some options are provided to us here. We have a range of actual Rapper & Studio voices to choose from. Or you can upload your own voice.

AI Generated Rap Voice

I noticed that some AI voices work better for certain songs (depending on the BPM of the beat). It’s a bit of trial & error to see what fits best.

Choose what you like and click “Generate Rap“.

Don’t worry, you can still change any of your settings after clicking this button.

AI Rap Song – Some Tips & Tricks

That’s it. That’s literally it. You are now a rapper.

Ok maybe not quite. Chances are slim that your very first draft is going to be spot-on.

While the AI is spitting bars, you might notice that it might have some difficulty pronouncing certain words. Typically these are longer words or perhaps names that it doesn’t recognize straight away.

Final AI Rap song

This requires some tweaking & adjusting the lyrics to get it just right. Just click the “Remix It” button and go to the Lyrics section. Play a bit with the writing of certain words. Write it as you would pronounce it (in a phonetic kind of way).

You can also ask Google for this info “How to pronounce *insert word* in English”

For longer words, try splitting them up into two parts.

If all of this doesn’t work, just try replacing the word all together. Look for words that “rhyme with x” and go from there.

PRO TIP: Use the Text-to-speech product on their website and look for the voice that was used in your song. All the rappers’ voices will be available here. This will allow you to play around with some words to see how the rapper will pronounce them, rather than having to re-generate your entire rap each and every time you change a single word.

Render & Download your AI Rap Song

A feature I really love is the karaoke-like video that comes with it. This is going to cost a bit more credits to render though. But don’t worry. I have currently made around 70+ songs and I still have some credits left over (I’m on their cheapest 10$ plan).

You can also choose to download only the song or even just the vocals without a beat. Completely up to you.

Some final thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I was extremely impressed with what the AI was able to do. It was exactly what I was looking for in a tool. To make an entire song from scratch. And I did.

Don’t get me wrong. It is by no means perfect. Yet… I can’t wait to see how this technology evolves.

And if you’re someone who has music producing skills. Sheesh, I envy you. The possibilities are endless.

As for UberDuck, I’m sure they’ll continue updating their website with new content. I’d like to see some more beats (perhaps even AI generated ones in the future?) and more voices to choose from.

Nonetheless it gives us a very good sense of what’s possible.

If you enjoy this content, consider checking out the A.I. ToolTips YouTube channel! I will be posting video’s there of all the AI-related tools that I experiment with.


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